Father’s Day Gift Guide on a Budget

August 24th, 2023

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Do you want to get your dad something a little more exciting than socks this Father’s Day? Buying gifts for your dad is hard enough, buying on a budget can be tougher. So we’ve come up with some simple DIY low-cost fun, cool cheap gift ideas for good old daddy, (no socks in sight):

  • Experience-based presents – shout Dad a game of golf – the benefits are endless! You get him a rad present and you get to spend some quality time with your old man.
  • Bake all the things – baking or cooking his favourite cupcakes or cookies will show how much you know him. Plus, he might just share the treats with you (hint hint)!
  • A box of his favourite tea / coffee – sure there are Starbucks and other posh cafes at airports and hotels but why spend money when your dad can enjoy his favourite coffee for less? Whether it is Nespresso or green tea he likes, he can easily enjoy it when he has a stock on hand.
  • Gift certificate – if you can’t dine with your Dad this on Father’s Day, send him a gift certificate instead to a restaurant somewhere close to his destination. At least this way, you can treat your Dad to a nice meal, just as if you were with him. 

Another way for thoughtful gifts on a budget for Father’s Day, is to shop online for available bargains! Some of the best / weirdest / most awesome presents can be found on the old world wide web. We’ve done the research and found some winners, so you can shop around and save:

Whatever you do, remember Father’s Day is first and foremost about spending time with your Dad and extended family of course, so don’t get too ‘wrapped up’ (Dad joke in the spirit of this article) in the money side of things. However, if you are short on cash, you can apply for a Nimble cash loan today to take the pressure off – we’ve got you covered through our simple, stress-free, digital short-term loan solutions.*

  • Father’s Day falls on Sunday 3rd September 2023 in Australia.


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