Getting hitched? Congrats! 

At Nimble we offer wedding loans up to $5,000. But how do wedding loans work?

  • A Nimble wedding loan is an unsecured form of credit. Upon acceptance you could have the money in your account in under 60 minutes*

  • You then pay back your loan with loan terms, depending on how much you borrow

  • Choose from a Nimble Small or Personal Loan to put funds into the big day. Nimble offers loans for a wedding of any size and budget

Use your wedding loan to cover anything from the dress, the bar or the reception! A wedding is a whole lot of big bills to make the big day unforgettable. A Nimble wedding loan allows you to pay for all the fun over a longer period of time.

The average cost of a wedding

Gulp… flowers cost HOW much?? Look, you already know the big day is taking a big chunk of change out of your wallet but it’s called the big day for a reason. For a totally unforgettable wedding day which pulls out all the stops, the average cost of a wedding in Australia is $36,000. A Nimble wedding loan offers you the freedom to upgrade your big day into the biggest day. Cheers!

The average cost of a honeymoon

Paris, Bali, the Sunshine Coast or your own backyard! A honeymoon is your time to get away with your new spouse and admire those new rings of yours, swoon! 

With the average cost of a honeymoon being $7,7002, you can ensure this special time isn’t spoiled by worrying about splurging on that extra cocktail by having your wedding loan at the ready.

Hot tip - make sure to mention that you’re newlyweds and your hotel might shout you a bottle of bubbly or a room upgrade. 

Reasons to consider a wedding loan

Did you know that 8% of Australians take out a loan for their wedding?3 Weddings are NOTORIOUS for those sneaky surprise costs. If you need to add another $1k to the bar tab, your party goes overtime at the venue or you under-cater and need 100 pizzas to feed a hungry crowd, it’s good to have a little extra cash lining your wedding dress pockets. 

What does a wedding loan cover?

Celebration, love and happily ever after! Use your wedding loan to inject as much fun and as many magical memories as possible into this momentous occasion. Whether you use it for  flowers, the rings, the band, the cost of a church or celebrant, your dream venue or the all-important cake - the world is your oyster. And don’t forget about the engagement party, our invitation is in the mail… right?


Wondering how to get a loan for your wedding? You’ll fill out our 100% digital application (ie. no annoying paperwork). Gather your personal identification documents and have your phone at the ready in case we need to give you a quick call to confirm any details. After you submit your application we’ll be in touch with your outcome shortly, sit tight and dream of the big day!

It only takes minutes to apply for a wedding loan. To make this process even quicker, gather your driver licence/passport and bank login deets. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how pain-free it is to apply. Wedding planning is stressful enough, but rest assured your wedding loan will be fast and simple!

Our expert customer service team have been approving loans since 2005 and we endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Once you have accepted your loan offer (between 9:00am and 4:30pm AEST on business days), you’ll generally have your entire loan sum transferred into your account in under an hour, fast wedding loans are our thing!*

Our expert team considers your financial situation and history, your credit score and your loan purpose. Keep your phone handy in case we need to give you a quick call.

To speed up the application process, gather all of your relevant personal identification documents, including your driver licence or Australian passport and internet banking credentials.

This one’s important - we only lend to customers who are over 18, are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, are employed and have no more than 50% of their income coming from Centrelink. If you don’t meet this criteria, we will not lend to you. Our expert team verifies all of these details before offering you credit.

If you are bankrupt, in a debt agreement or have multiple adverse listings on your credit file your application will be declined.

On receipt of your application, our team looks into your financial history and makes an informed decision on whether you can afford the repayments. Just because you meet the above eligibility criteria does not guarantee you a loan offer if we feel it’s not right for you.

If you have been denied a wedding loan this does not mean we won’t grant you one in the future when your circumstances change. We recommend allowing at least one month before applying again.

Your credit history is only part of the puzzle that makes up the decision making process in granting your loan. Our team has been in the biz for years and can see whether you have the financial stability to comfortably repay, there is no one-size-fits-all credit score that can guarantee you a Nimble wedding loan.

Our team undertakes a credit check on every single customer applying for a Nimble wedding loan. If you are bankrupt, in a debt agreement or have multiple adverse listings on your credit file your application will be declined. But your credit history is not an automatic “yes” or “no”.

Depending on whether you select a Small or Personal Loan to fund your wedding, your wedding loan term could be from 62 days to 23 months. How long is a typical wedding loan? This totally depends on the size and price of your wedding, give us a call on 133 156 and we can help give you an idea of how long you could expect to have your wedding loan with Nimble.

You do you! For small wedding loans apply for a Small Loan from $300 to $2,000, or a Personal Loan of $2,050 to $5,000 - don’t worry, Nimble has a loan for every budget.

The information on this website is general in nature and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs

*Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply, and are subject to change. Applications are subject to Nimble’s credit approval criteria. Redraw not available. Funds will generally be transferred within 60 minutes of the loan contract being signed between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm AEST on business days. Clearance times are subject to your bank.




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