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Easy Car Loans in Australia

For most of us, a car isn't a luxury: it's a necessity. Without a car, it gets a lot harder to get the kids to their events, run errands, and get to and from work. But your car doesn't know a thing about your finances, and cars love to pick the worst possible time to die. When you've got to have a new car, quick car loans can get you behind the wheel quickly. And when you need easy car loans online, Nimble should be your first choice.

Choose Nimble for Low-Interest Car Loans & Fast Approval

At Nimble, we've been granting loans since 2005. We believe loans should move with the times like everything else. Getting a loan shouldn't involve having to visit a bank branch and a lot of face-to-face meetings. You should be able to do everything online and quickly. That's why we offer fast and easy car loan approval.

Since we started Nimble, we've gotten more than 1.6 million loans for Australians all across the country. We're so good at getting loans that we decided to start offering personal loans and fast car auto loans. Our goal is to offer some of the best car loans in Australia so you can get into a new vehicle without all the hassle.

How Quick Car Loans in Australia Work

Verify Your Eligibility

You don’t need to provide 100 documents to be able to apply for one of our online car loans. If you're an Australian citizen or permanent resident over 18 and employed, and if you don't get more than 50% of your income from Centrelink, you're off to a good start. After that, all you need is an Australian driver's licence or passport, an active bank account with online banking, and a mobile phone so we can send you texts for verification.

For a vehicle to be eligible for one of our quick and easy car loans it must have fewer than 200,000kms on it, have no finance owing, and be less than 10 years old. We think we offer some of the best quick car loans in Australia, and all our terms are clear right from the beginning.


Our car finance terms are clear and easy to understand, and unless you voluntarily choose to change the terms of your repayment plan, you never have to worry about any changes to the payment amount, interest rates, or dates. You can pay off your loan over the course of six to 84 months, and the establishment fee you pay depends on the size of the loan. For loans from $5,000 to $10,000, the fee is $195. For loans up to $20,000, the fee is $250. For loans up to $50,000, the fee is $495.

No matter the size of your fast loan, your repayment process is simple. You choose the day of the month that works for repayment and we set up a direct debit on your account. That way, you never have to worry about forgetting a payment or wonder whether a payment went through.

Know Your Fees

Unexpected fees and charges are one of the worst things about borrowing money, so at Nimble we make it easy for you to find out everything before you borrow a single dollar. We offer quick car loans online from $5,000 to $50,000. These are secured can loans, meaning if something were to happen and you couldn't repay the loan, we may be able to sell your car to recover what you owe. Secured loans mean we can offer you better interest rates, and your interest rates are always fixed for the life of the loan.

Late payment fees are always $20, and if your payment is dishonoured, the fee is always $5. If you choose to repay early, there's a $100 fee. If you want to change the terms of your loan, there's a flat $50 fee. Our comparison rates vary from 7.68% to 28.84%**, depending on your unique situation.

We Proudly Provide Australia With Fast Car Loan Approval

We use an online applicaiton to make the quick online loan process smooth and intuitive. You can upload all your related documents, like insurance paperwork, from your mobile phone. We take a look at your income and expenses and can tell you very quickly what we can loan you.

Our system is so advanced that we can usually get you a quick answer on the weekend, and you don't even need to have found a specific car for us to get to work on starting your application. Once we've approved your loan application, we can send your funds directly to your vendor. In fact, if the application is approved by 4:30 pm on a banking day, we can usually get your money to the vendor within 60 minutes.

Choose The Right Vehicle & Get Driving With Our Nimble Car Loans

A car is a big investment, so it pays to make a considered choice. There are a lot of car choices out there, and we know it's important for you to find just the right one for your needs.

What Will You Use It for?

Will you mostly drive the car back and forth to work? If so, dependability and fuel economy are key considerations. If you have kids, then space might be your primary concern.

When Do You Drive?

If you're going to spend a lot of time driving in peak hour traffic, you might need an automatic transmission rather than manual.

Where Will You Drive It?

Will you need four-wheel or front-wheel drive? If you plan to drive your car mostly within big cities, a less expensive front-wheel-drive vehicle will be fine. If you need to take it on bumpy back roads, a four-wheel-drive vehicle is a must.

Check Out Car Magazines

Dealerships have one goal: to sell you a car. That means your best bet for unbiased information probably isn't a dealership but rather an objective, third-party source like a car magazine.

Be Sure to Test Drive

Choosing a car is more than just lining up numbers. You also need to feel comfortable behind the wheel. Be sure to take a test drive and don't be pushed into buying immediately by pushy salespeople. Tell them you won't be buying today and demand time to drive the vehicle without distraction.

We're Getting Aussies Back on the Road With Fast & Easy Car Loan Approval

Nimble makes it easy to get the car loan you need to get the car of your dreams. Whether you're looking at a new or used car, our goal is to get you behind the wheel without delay. We also offer car repair loans so you can fix your existing vehicle without any stress. Contact Nimble today and get started on a fast, easy application powered by the latest technology. We make lending easy, and we can't wait to help you get your next car.

**The comparison rate for a car loan is based on a secured loan of $30,000 over 5 years with a $495 establishment fee. Nimble may not offer loans for these amounts over these terms.
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What to expect when applying for a
Nimble secured Car Loan

Nimble Secured Car Loan

About Nimble


What is a secured car loan?

At Nimble, our secured car loan is pretty straight forward. Getting a secured car loan with us means we have security over your new car. This means that if something were to happen and you couldn't repay the loan we maybe able to sell your car to recover what you owe. What's the advantage of a secured car loan for you? Security can help to make a loan less risky for the lender and in turn, this means you might be able to get a lower interest rate than other loan types.

Am I eligible for a secured car loan with Nimble?

At Nimble, we have some eligibility criteria that we ask you to meet for a secured car loan.  We've outlined this below:

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, who is over 18 years old and currently employed

  • You must meet the Nimble credit lending criteria 

  • You must have an Australian driver's licence or an Australian passport

  • You need your bank login details - so that you can securely log in to your bank and allow us to verify your income & expenses

  • You need a mobile phone - we'll send you a text for verification purposes

  • No more than 50% of income from Centrelink

How long until I receive my funds?

You don't receive the funds for your car loan - your vendor receives them directly from us. This saves time and resources - making things easier for you and empowering you to potentially drive away on the same day. Once your loan application is approved and finalised, the vendor could receive the funds in 60 mins once confirmed*.

How do I apply for a secured car loan?

At Nimble, our applications are always easy, straightforward and uncomplicated. You can apply for a Nimble Secured Car Loan even if you haven't found a car yet - because we believe in making things easy for you. Our smart tech makes the application a breeze. You can upload your roadworthy, comprehensive insurance and all relevant documents to the application from your mobile. We'll make a decision quickly, even on the weekend. This means you won't hang around waiting for your wheels and you could drive away that day!

Can I pay my car loan out early?

It's simple! You may make additional payments to prepay all or part of the balance at any time. If you prepay part of the balance early, the amount of the repayments set out in your loan offer and their due dates remain unchanged unless we agree to change the repayments. If you prepay the entire balance, you must also pay us any accrued interest, fees and charges not yet debited to your loan account, enforcement expenses and any applicable early repayment fee set out in the loan offer. See fee statement for more information.

When do I get a decision on my application?

We make a commitment to you on fast decisioning. Because our smart tech allows you to upload all relevant documents to the application from your mobile - we can commit to getting you an answer quickly. Once you get a decision, the speed continues - your vendor could receive funds in 60 mins once confirmed*. This means, with our smart tech, you could apply for a car loan and drive away that day!

How long can you go on a car loan?

On a Nimble secured car loan, the minimum loan term is 6 months and the maximum loan term is 84 months.

How much can I borrow?

On a Nimble secured car loan, the minimum loan amount is $5,000 and the maximum loan amount is $50,000.

Why have I been declined?

Unfortunately, there isn't a straight answer to this question. There isn't a  “one size fits all” reason for not making it through our application. Every application is different and we're sorry if you weren't successful this time but if your circumstances change, please feel free to apply again.

What if I miss a payment?

There are costs associated with missing a payment. This will lead to us charging a late fee and a dishonour fee which will be outlined in your loan offer.  Please see here the Nimble secured car loan fee statement for more information.

What do you mean by “Personal use only” for my car loan?

Personal use only means that the vehicle is not to be used for business purposes.

Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Customers generally have funds transferred within 60 minutes of signing their loan contract between 9:00am and 4:30pm AEST on business days. Clearance times are subject to your bank.


Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Funds will generally be transferred within 60 minutes of the loan contract being signed between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm AEST on business days. Clearance times are subject to the sellers bank.


This fee covers the cost of setting up your loan. It is added to your loan amount, and paid off with the loan.***


Payable if an amount due is not received within 5 days of the due date and then every 30 days until the payment is received in full.


Payable each time a payment to us under your direct debit or other payment authority is dishonoured.


Payable each time you request us to vary your loan (e.g. term extension or change to the repayments).


Payable when the loan term is greater than 2 years but the loan is paid out in full in less than 2 years.


Payable for each copy of any document you request.