Looking for the Best Boat Loans in Perth?

Nimble can help if you are looking for boat loans in Perth. Since our inception in 2005, we have funded over 1.6 million loans for Australians just like you – whether they need the cash for unexpected expenses or a big purchase like a car or a boat.

Our loans run from just 62 days to 4 years depending on your personal circumstances and the amount borrowed. To make the most out of your loan amount, you need to think about exactly what the money will be used for, and how much you can realistically afford to pay back each time you make a repayment.

For our online boat loans in Perth, we use affordability and lending criteria to decide on the right loan amount for you and your personal circumstances. Although we do have representative examples, everyone has different financial commitments. Therefore, to fully understand how much Nimble could help you with a Perth boat loan, you would need to complete the application process.

We Help Perth Sailors Find The Perfect Loan

To determine which type of fast cash loan would suit you best, you need to be clear on the amount that you need to borrow, and what you are going to use it for.

Each type of loan, whether a small cash loan, a medium cash loan or a personal loan you need to consider what works for you. These types of loans suitable for a boat loan have different fees and interest rates – so having a starting point of the amount you can borrow will make the decision easier.

A Small Cash Loan from Nimble could help with unexpected bills, a car breakdown, or even just some extra money for a holiday. With amounts available between $300 and $2000, this is the perfect loan for you if you need money quickly for an expense you didn’t anticipate. For a small cash loan, we charge 20% of the loan amount as an establishment fee, and 4% of the loan amount each month as a monthly fee.

Then there’s a Medium Cash Loan. This loan offers you the opportunity to borrow a larger sum of money over a longer repayment time. With repayments from 62 days to 22 months, depending on circumstances, and up to $5000 available, this might be a great way to get the boat of your dreams. The annual percentage rate (APR) for this type of loan is 47.6158% (comparison rate 65.6597% p.a.**) We charge an establishment fee of $400 and you can get the loan amount in as little as 60 minutes* once confirmed.

Our Personal Loan might be another good option for you if you are looking for boat loans in Perth. With amounts up to $25,000 and repayments from 6 months to 4 years, this is a longer-term unsecured loan that is perfect for those larger expenses like a house renovation or luxury holiday.

We are responsible lenders, so we have basic criteria for applications on all loan types. You must be over 18 and employed to qualify for any of our online loans, with the following additional criteria:

  • Small/Medium Cash Loans:

You must be over 18, be employed with less than 50% of your income from Centrelink, and an Australian resident. You must also be Bankruptcy - free for at least 6 months (from date of discharge – not declaration)

  • Personal Loan

You must be over 18, employed and earning more than $50k a year before tax. You also need to be bankruptcy-free at least 5 years (from discharge not declaration) and an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Choose the Boat Loans Perth Residents Trust

If you are ready to get that perfect boat, then our online boat loans in Perth make it quick and easy to get the funds you need. With quick decisions and no mountain of paperwork to sign (just an electronic signature required), the money could be with you in as little as 60 minutes* once confirmed.

Choose Nimble and see why Australians just like you have chosen us to fund over 1.6 million loans since 2005.

We have a Fee Statement table to give you an idea of the costs involved, depending on individual circumstances. Of course, we can’t list all the possibilities, but you can see immediately what the differences are between our loan types.

If you are ready to get access to the best online boat loans, apply now with Nimble.

Please see our full Fee Statement for fee details. If you reschedule your repayments after you confirm your loan, additional fees and charges may apply.
It’s a good idea to consider how much money you think you’ll need before applying for your loan. This way you can make sure you get what you need and you don’t borrow in excess. There are some other things to consider when applying for your loan, so you know:
  1. Your main source of income must not be Centrelink.
  2. You must be over 18 years and employed.
  3. You must have an active bank account with internet banking.
*Customers generally have funds transferred within 60 minutes of signing their loan contract between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm AEST on business days. Clearance times are subject to your bank.