Meet Bill Shock – Nimble Launches New Campaign

November 15th, 2022

Nimble talks taking it on the chin and the jaw-dropping cost of living in their all-new TV Campaign

Nimble has partnered with independent agency, Cyclone Creative, on their latest TV campaign, giving Australians a little comic relief in an overwhelming financial environment.  

Southport, October 31st, 2022: Renowned Aussie digital lender, Nimble, launches a brand-new TVC campaign, featuring the comical character William “Bill” Shock. From creative agency Cyclone Creative and production partners Monster & Bear, the next instalment of the Nimble brand story hits screens this November. 

With the worst of the pandemic behind them, Australians entered the second half of 2022 in search of relief. That relief hasn’t materialised – the country has been hit with repeated interest rate hikes, a skyrocketing cost of living, and increasingly difficult borrowing conditions. Nimble’s new TVC campaign aims to reassert the brand as the “lender in Aussies’ corner” during these challenging times.

“With this TVC, we’re touching on the reality of 2022 – the rental crisis and alarming grocery and petrol costs. Except, we hope to deliver it in a non-threatening and humorous way. We see enough bad news every day on TV; we don’t need another negative reminder. Hence why we wanted to produce a campaign that’s amusing and eye-catching,” says Brigid Davey, General Manager, Marketing at Nimble.

The campaign addresses living costs from the perspective of young people who’ve been plunged into the harsh financial reality of “adulting”. Meme sensation, Josh “Magikarp Guy” Saunders plays the aptly named Bill Shock – a character whose jaw is permanently dropped due to recurring financial shocks of the past few years. While he’s a farcical character, he expresses a very real emotion that everyday Australians are feeling: panic accompanied by a strange numbness at the escalating cost of living. 

The development of this concept gives the quirky, familiar Nimble tone of voice a new life – taking them into the next iteration of their brand. Preserving and reinvigorating this tone for the chaos of 2022 and beyond was a priority for AJ McLaughlin, Art Director at Cyclone Creative: “In a world that’s as unpredictable as ever, we sought to create something ownable for Nimble with Bill Shock. Every time my oat latte jumps up another 20 cents, I fight with myself to keep a straight face, but my inner Bill Shock tries to leap out. We can’t stop the barrage of escalating prices, but Nimble can provide comfort in times of financial panic. So, let your inner Bill Shock out, Nimble it and move on.” 

The highly anticipated TV commercial debuts in November, with 15- and 30-second TV ads across all major Australian networks, as well as YouTube.

Following in the tradition of their lovable, irreverent, and light-hearted approach to the things that Australians care about most, it’s sure to live up to Nimble’s reputation for iconic, witty creative.




Client: Nimble

Managing Director & CEO: Grant Mackenzie

General Manager, Marketing: Brigid Davey


Creative Agency: Cyclone Creative

Managing Partners: Christian Vasquez & Sam Hooper

Creative Director: Leslie Preyer 

Account Director: Lucy Ingram 

Art Director: Andrew McLaughlin 

Copywriter: Emily Weir

Producer: Lauren Napthine 


Production Agency: Monster & Bear 

Director: Roxie Halley

Producer & 1st AD: Maria Alejandra Perdomo 

Production Assistant: Paris-Jade Webster

DOP: Josh Mitchell-Frey

1st AC: Lewis Warner

Production Designer & Assistant: Karli Loredo 

H&MUA: Maria Gullace

Sound: Hassan Lahrech

Post-Production Manager: Tori Brennan



Campaign Assets:

15 second TVC: Nimble BillShock 15s ONLINE WEB

30 second TVC: Nimble BillShock 30s ONLINE ADSTREAM HD