Tattoos: A lifelong personal investment

August 14th, 2023

tattoo loans

When discussing investment opportunities, these topics are generally regarded in a positive light. However, when the topic shifts to tattoos, these very aspects can sometimes trigger scepticism. This perspective is interesting, given that we embrace high prices as indicators of quality in contexts such as cars, jewellery, and technology, yet reservations can often arise when tattoos enter the conversation.

Tattoos have long transcended their traditional roles as mere body art. They’ve evolved into deeply personal expressions of identity, experiences, and passions. As the tattoo culture continues to grow, an intriguing perspective emerges – tattoos as investments.

Let’s explore the idea of tattoos as a form of personal investment, contemplating their lasting value and significance.

Quality vs. Price: A shift in perception

In different situations, when things are expensive, we often think they’re really good. But for tattoos, this idea doesn’t always hold. However, the skillful designs on our skin deserve a price that matches the quality we want. Even if a detailed tattoo costs more at first, it’s important to think about how it will stay with us for our whole lives.

Tattoos: An expense or an affirmation of value?

Calling tattoos expensive is accurate, but it’s also vital to understand that they’re valuable in ways beyond money. Looking at how much people usually spend on tattoos each year – compared to what they spend on other things – gives us a new way to see it. While some might not agree with spending money this way, most people wouldn’t blame someone for indulging in something they really love.

An investment beyond the ordinary

National data shows the average household spends $44 to $66 a week on clothing and footwear. These weekly figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Statista amount to about $2,200 to $3,500 a year. These expenses among others such as alcohol, pets, or cars, all possess a finite life span. In contrast, tattoos offer permanence, making the  investment of a lifelong commitment to self-expression. Unlike other indulgences, tattoos don’t require replacement or upgrades, adding to their enduring value.

In the context of other purchases and pastimes, tattoos emerge as a remarkably undervalued investment. Rather than being dismissed as lavish expenses, they offer an enduring form of self-expression and artistry. As we recalibrate our perspectives, it becomes clear that tattoos embody a form of investment that transcends mere monetary considerations.

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