Need An Online Lawn Mower Loan? Try Nimble

Whether you are moving to a new house and need some serious cutting power for a bigger yard, or your current ride-on mower has reached the end of its useful life, you could get a new one quickly by taking advantage of one of our ride on mower loans at Nimble.

Nimble has been making it easier to get access to loans for Australians since 2005 when we began removing the roadblocks that a ‘traditional’ loan process entails. When you need cash fast, whether for an unforeseen emergency repair, a holiday, or a purchase, sitting in a stuffy bank with piles of paperwork to read makes it a lengthy process. This is where we come in.

Here, we do away with meetings and mountains of evidence. Instead, we offer a streamlined online application process that includes secure access to bank feeds and uncomplicated, transparent terms. We use smart technology to assess your suitability for one of our loans and can give a decision in minutes.

When you are looking at loans for a new lawnmower, Nimble has got you covered.

Making the Most of Your Ride On Mower Loan

The right loan for you will depend on a few things. Firstly, we need to be sure that you can afford to make repayments over the right period. For this reason, we have some prerequisites for all our loans, like being over 18 and employed.

For more detail about each loan type, you can begin by looking at our Comparison Table. That will give you a good starting point when considering which is best for you. In brief, the right ride-on mower loans most suited for your needs will depend on the amount that you want to borrow. For amounts up to $5,000, a Small or Medium Cash Loan would be the best bet. To apply for a Small or Medium Cash Loan, you need to be over 18, employed with less than 50% of your income from Centrelink, and be an Australian resident.

Small Cash Loans are for amounts between $300 - $2,050 and are repayable on terms between 62 days and 9 months, depending on circumstances. We charge an establishment fee of 20% of the amount borrower, and 4% of the amount borrowed each month.

Medium Cash Loans are for amounts between $2,050 - $5,000 and are repayable on terms between 62 days and 22 months, depending on circumstances. We charge an establishment fee of $400 for this type of loan, with an interest rate based on the APR of 47.6158%**.

Whichever you choose for your online lawnmower loan, applying with Nimble is simple and straightforward.

Australian Lawn Mower Loans: The Nimble Difference

We pride ourselves on making the loan process simple – and as part of this, we want you to fully understand every aspect of the loan process. That is why we provide clear instructions throughout the application and give you all the information you need before you agree to the loan offer. We also provide you with an exclusive Member Area so you can keep an eye on your loan amount, upcoming repayments and your repayment schedule. No matter how much your online lawnmower loan is for, we are here to help you manage your money.

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Please see our full Fee Statement for fee details. If you reschedule your repayments after you confirm your loan, additional fees and charges may apply.
It’s a good idea to consider how much money you think you’ll need before applying for your loan. This way you can make sure you get what you need and you don’t borrow in excess. There are some other things to consider when applying for your loan, so you know:
  1. Your main source of income must not be Centrelink.
  2. You must be over 18 years and employed.
  3. You must have an active bank account with internet banking.
Customers generally have funds transferred within 60 minutes of signing their loan contract between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm AEST on business days. Clearance times are subject to your bank.