Get on the Open Road with Caravan Loans in Melbourne from Nimble

Here at Nimble, we know loans – and we know that finding the right caravan loans in Melbourne and beyond can seem like a complicated headache. We were founded on the belief that getting access to the money you need, when you need it, shouldn’t have built-in barriers – in fact, we have actively worked to reduce the time and effort it takes to apply. With our innovative smart technology, we have moved applications online, created systems and programs that can help us safely and quickly assess suitability for a loan, and even made same-day payments possible.

When it comes to online caravan loans in Melbourne, we think we have you covered – but what about the caravan itself? Do you know what you are looking for?

Choosing the Right Melbourne Caravan Loan

A quick search online, and you could be overwhelmed with so many choices of caravans for sale. Unless you are a seasoned pro at buying caravans, you might be wondering how best to make the decision about the vehicle that is right for you – and might find these hints helpful.

  • What do you need from your caravan?

This is an opportunity to decide on some important parameters that will affect your search. How many people need to be able to sleep in the caravan? Will you be using it for infrequent trips, or travelling for a long time in it? Does it need to have a kitchen and a bathroom? Will it go off-road? Where are you going to store it?

  • Used or New?

This question might seem a bit strange, but like any major purchase, you need to be vigilant about scams and hidden defects. In an ideal world we would always buy new, but if buying a pre-loved caravan suits your budget, make sure that you ask all the right questions about the caravan’s history, like servicing, how many trips it has done, when certain parts have been replaced. Of course, dealers do have used caravans available, too and with the prospect of securing caravan loans in Melbourne from Nimble, you might even be able to haggle a discount!

The Caravan Loans Melbourne & Victorian Residents Trust

In today’s fast-paced world, having the latest innovations at your fingertips is something that we have all become used to. Now we can order dinner, video call friends and family across the globe, buy books, toys, and even cars online – so why shouldn't we embrace the technology to make our loans simple, straight-forward and hassle-free?

With entirely online applications, same-day decisions and funds in your account in as little as 60 minutes* once confirmed. You can see how Nimble are doing things differently and that is why we can claim that we offer the best caravan loan in Melbourne.

Join the Nimble family and get the caravan loans in Melbourne that you need – with the support of our transparent terms and conditions, straightforward repayment schedules, and customer service that is second to none (and just a phone call away).

With Nimble, you could be a short time away from securing online caravan loans in Melbourne and beyond that will get you that new caravan, ready for the next adventure.

Please see our full Fee Statement for fee details. If you reschedule your repayments after you confirm your loan, additional fees and charges may apply.
It’s a good idea to consider how much money you think you’ll need before applying for your loan. This way you can make sure you get what you need and you don’t borrow in excess. There are some other things to consider when applying for your loan, so you know:
  1. Your main source of income must not be Centrelink.
  2. You must be over 18 years and employed.
  3. You must have an active bank account with internet banking.
Customers generally have funds transferred within 60 minutes of signing their loan contract between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm AEST on business days. Clearance times are subject to your bank.