6 Fuel Saving Hacks to Help Curb the Cost of Roadtripping

March 31st, 2023

With rising fuel prices and living expenses gone wild, right about now, you may be rethinking your Easter long weekend plans, eh?

No need. Nimble’s got your back.

We’ve rounded up 6 fuel saving hacks to help curb the cost of that road trip you’ve been set on taking.

Here they are:

1. Check fuel prices en route.

Seems obvious, we know, but nothing is as effective when you’re trying to save money, as research. Most GPS these days, like Waze and Google maps, have up-to-date fuel prices, so that you can make an informed decision before hitting the pump.

Also, a few servo brands (like 7Eleven) allow you to freeze their best price for up to a week. All you have to do is keep an eye out and activate the offer in their app.

2. Under pressure to save? Check your tyres.

If you’re anything like my partner (a hoarder), your car is likely to be loaded for the weekend with everything from a trailer to a sofa. Pack light! That extra (junk) weight increases fuel consumption, especially in urban areas where you’re accelerating and braking all the time.

Be sure to check the tyre placard on your vehicle. It’ll give you the minimum and maximum pressure recommendations depending on the load. Max is usually the way to go!

Getting the tyre pressure right reduces rolling resistance and fuel consumption by up to two per cent, and there’s a bonus – the correct pressures will make sure your tyres last longer too.

3. Service is gold.

Did you know that blocked air filters and unaligned wheels are a few service issues that can increase fuel consumption significantly? Make sure you keep to your log book schedule.

4. Oh, the drag!

We know the roof racks, fishing rod stands, muddies and other appendages on your UTE confirm what ‘tribe’ you belong to, but, they’re also dragging you down, matey. If they’re not required, pack them away.

They create aerodynamic drag, which increases fuel consumption by up to five per cent (true story).

5. Avoid hard acceleration and braking.

You obviously don’t do this, but we’ll put it out there so you can show your significant other, mother-in-law or whoever.

Smooth driving can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent! Just saying.

6. Lastly, let loose! Open the windows.

If it’s not raining, hailing or any other day in Queensland (i.e. 40 degrees outside), switch off the air-conditioning. You can save 10% on your fuel consumption in urban driving, just by rolling your windows down and going with no aircon.

For the full list of ways to save money on fuel, click here.

But, if you’ve tried all these hacks and want some help to get you on the road again, between our Small and Medium Personal Loans of up to $25,000 and our AnyTime line of credit, we’ve got options that might cover your Easter holiday plans*.

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