Like lots of 30 somethings –  you may be worried about your health insurance, mortgage or rent fees, and the steady increase of the cost of living. For some people, they would be anxious about their family’s well-being, like the added expenses on education, medical bills, and even food budget. These are all normal concerns but it’s also pretty  normal to start addressing these concerns in the 30’s and start hitting some money milestones.

3 Top Tips for Finance in your 30’s

 1. Create spending priorities

By now, you should have a good solid understanding of the lifestyle you lead and what this entails. You may have tried some budgets. You may have bought things you simply didn’t need. The days of trial and error should be behind you now. It’s time to knuckle down and get saving. Take time to think about what you want to accomplish with your money. Following this, create a list of spending priorities that work for you. You should then work hard to spend according to those priorities. Your spending will be more in line with your values and lifestyle and you’ll begin to feel more financially aware.

2. Be money mindful

Sounds easy, right? But what does being mindful with money actually mean? Well it doesn’t have to mean an excel sheet the length of your arm. It can simply be as straightforward as having a 10 second rule when you purchase something – do I need this? do I want this? You were less likely to do this in your 20’s because you may have been traveling or living a bit more freely – now it’s time to start to manage your money by being mindful.

3. Budget is key

We talk about budgeting all the time here at Nimble but the truth is there is no better way to secure financial fitness than by budgeting. Take the time to do it and do it well. 40 year old you will thank you for it – we promise.

Take control of your finances and make sure that you have savings strategies for every aspect of your financial life, and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy bank balance and an absence of financial stress.

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