From the cost of car regos to car maintenance, owning a car is a big expense for some people. This expense can also be tracked down to the constant cost of refuelling. Petrol and diesel are expensive and there isn’t a huge variation on price regardless of where you live.

With that in mind, we’ve got some top tips that could help you save those precious pennies.

Top Tips to Help Save Money on Fuel

1. SHOP AROUND AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON before you start burning petrol trying to make a BP versus Caltex comparison in your local area. MotorMouth does this for you, putting all your local fuel prices at the tip of your fingers.

2. BLOW UP YOUR TYRES to the recommended tyre pressure. Just like when you ride a bike with flat tyres it takes more ‘energy’ to make it ‘go’. A flat tyre can affect fuel efficiency big time, not to mention your safety. Check and top-up your tyre pressure to the manufacturer’s recommendations fortnightly and it will save you fuel.

3. GET YOUR GEARS RIGHT AND DON’T BE A REV-HEAD – You should always drive in the highest gear possible without straining the engine. Drop gears gradually while you brake gradually.It’s possible that this could increase fuel efficiency by up to a third.

4. LIVE A LITTLE WITHOUT THE AIR-CON – When it’s comfortable enough, switch off the air-con. This can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 percent when you’re zooming around a city.

5. LIGHTEN THE LOAD carrying around lots of extra gear? You probably won’t be able to go surfing or play golf everyday. Clear the boot to lighten the load.

6. DON’T SKIMP ON YOUR CAR SERVICE – Small things like dirty and blocked air filters can significantly increase fuel consumption. Although you do save petrol when your car breaks, that’s probably not the type of inconvenience you’ll be looking for. Don’t skimp on the service

7. WORK OUT THE BEST DAY TO FILL UP – Fuel prices tend to be cheaper earlier in the week.Do some digging and ask the locals for any top tips.

By following a few or all of these tips you could be saving significantly on petrol in no time.

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