Every pet needs a name.

Ok, technically this little guy isn’t a pet… but we’re quite fond of him and thought he needed a name all the same.

So we put the call out to our members to suggest a name for the Nimble rabbit when they activated their new Nimble Visa Prepaid cards.

And we got a whopping 6,708 suggestions!

But there’s only one winner. So without further ado…

Meet: Pronto!

He’s clever. He’s fun.

He’s the kind of rabbit who’d be the wingman for his rabbit friends.

He’s doesn’t sit still. He’s got a kooky sense of humour. He’s humble.

He’s Pronto.

The best part is – it’s not without meaning. “Pronto” stands for everything we pride ourselves on – being quick, providing an instant answer and being able to transfer you money right away.

We think it’s a perfect fit, and we’re just thrilled our rabbit finally has a name.

And we have Lindsay G. from New South Wales to thank.

He suggested this groovy name for our rabbit so he’s also the lucky winner of the $5,000 dream holiday.

Exciting stuff!

We’d also like to send out a huge thanks to everyone who activated their card and suggested a name. Maybe Pronto will have some baby rabbits one day so that we can use a few more of your great suggestions!

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