Tips for Moving House: A Clear Checklist of Things You Need to Do!

August 9th, 2022

When moving house, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

There are so many things to think about and many more to do!

To help you get a head start on your packing, we have put together the ultimate moving house checklist that will assist with the moving process.

Lucky for you, our moving house checklist explains what to remember! Read on to find out more about what’s required when you decide to move house from months before through after you have moved into your new home. Or to skip ahead, download and print out our ultimate moving house checklist.

Researching the big move

Moving house is a big step and one that you most likely won’t take lightly.

Before you even think about busting out the bubble wrap, it’s important to take some time to research all of your options to ensure your upcoming move is a success thanks to your careful planning.

Before you hit the library books, we have put some tips together on what you need to research in our moving guide ( head to How to Move Home: The Ultimate Moving Guide for Success).

Getting a calendar to mark important dates

First up, buy yourself a new planner so you create your own moving checklist and mark all the important dates and times you will need to remember to ensure a smooth transition to your new house.

You may be running a tight schedule when it comes to the moving company, last minute garage sale and dealing with the real estate agent.

So to ensure the entire process is completed in a timely manner, it pays to be organised from the start.

Contacting future schools if your moving area

Well before the moving truck arrives, you will need to call the local schools in the area to secure a place for your “future successors”.

Some schools may require important documents well in advance or may even offer a detailed tour to ensure you are happy with the facilities.

Make sure you give them your current contact details so that they can easily contact you even if you haven’t got a new address yet.

Use Google maps to look at the new area

Your dream new house has come up on the market and you’re ready to take the plunge.

Be sure to jump on google and type in your potential forwarding address so you can virtually scout the area from the comfort of the lounge room.

If things are looking good, take a little drive and check out the scenery to ensure your new address ticks all the boxes.

Find out where local amenities are

It is a good idea to find out what your local council has to offer in terms of parks, recreation and sporting facilities.

Find out the local groups in the area and see what they have to offer.

Some people need essential services that are close by and others may enjoy the comforts of living close to a church, hospital, school or perhaps even their favourite shops.

Get quotes from several moving companies

Depending on your moving budget, you may be looking to hire a moving truck or if you’re planning on moving interstate, you may need the assistance of storage facilities.

Whichever you decide for your moving day, ensure you obtain several quotes beforehand to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

Some services include moving boxes and even help you out when it comes to furniture placement in your new home.

Ensure you have contents insurance and any necessary moving transit insurance so that your fragile items are covered when it comes to using a moving company.

Sort out your home

So you have a move date and a new address ready.

It’s now time to roll up your sleeves and get your house sorted so you can pick up your new house keys.

Contact your solicitor

Whether it’s discussing your financial situation, finalising moving documents or dealing with real estate agents, ensure you have a solicitor ready to help you with the big decisions before you put your signature on any dotted lines.

When it comes to your previous residence or dealing with a rental property, there are strict processes that may need to be followed and a trusted solicitor can guide you.

Book removal company

If you made a decision on how you will move, and have started to plan out the ideal room destination for high priority boxes, it would be a great time to book the removal company.

Make sure you give them enough notice so that you can secure the date that works best for you.

If you have any friends and family that are willing to help, give them plenty of notice so that they can also be available to help.

Start with the areas that need the most work

Now that you have a moving day, it’s time to start the packing process so now is the time to utilise your planner and create a detailed moving checklist for each room.

If you have a floor plan for your new address, you can start packing according to where you will place things.

Start by packing boxes in the rooms that have the most stuff in them. So if you have an abundance of dusty antiques in the basement or shelves of rusty tools in the garage, it’s time to start sorting through your rooms before the final inspection.

Organise a garage sale and sell items online

This is also the perfect time to go through your personal items and create a pile of unnecessary items you could perhaps donate to a local charity.

Otherwise, it is a great time to collect all the bric-à-brac you can find around the place and add it to ‘sell boxes’, ready for a final garage sale.

Alternatively, it Is super easy to list your unwanted items online and all proceeds can go towards your moving expenses.

For extra moving costs, you can check out the Nimble Same Day Loan which has you covered for any last minute moving surprises.

Packing contracts and bills

Now that you have decluttered and ticked off many of the items on your moving house checklist, you can start to organise the important things in the office or buffet drawers.

Everyone has that one big pile of paperwork that keeps growing and never seems to get put away, so it’s time to start collating and recycling.

Sort out the life admin

Before you pack everything away, take a few hours to ensure all of your details are updated and bills paid so that when you move into your new abode, you don’t have to scour the boxes for that missing piece of paper.

Make sure you change utility providers, update your car registration and compare home and contents insurance before you hand back all the keys.

Also make sure you have pet medical records handy in case of an emergency, along with your contact number and insurance policies.

Don’t forget any subscription services you may have which may require you to update your address before your moving day.

Connect broadband in your new home

If you have changed all your utility providers, ensure your phone and internet plans are redirected at the same time.

Your new home may need a broadband connection so include it on your house checklist to ensure minimal disruption to your wifi.

It will also ensure the kids have entertainment while you start unpacking. It’s a Win Win.

Get rid of the food in your freezer

Prior to moving, it is a good idea to go through the freezer and create a meal plan which sees you use up the leftovers to prevent minimal waste.

It will save you time on moving days having to empty out the freezer as well as in the lead up, not having to buy more food or potentially waste it.

Ensure on the day that you have some plastic lined boxes to store any food or perishables that you wish to take, even if it’s snacks for the drive.

Moving Day

So you have made it this far, the indoor plants are on the truck and you have emptied out the bathroom’s down to the last roll of toilet paper.

It is now time to do a final walk of your home before the real estate agent collects all the keys.

You may be experiencing all the feels right now, but you also should be excited about unpacking your life in your dream home.

Take meter readings

Whilst enjoying your final walk around the property, take your planner with you to record the meter readings right before you move out.

This will ensure you don’t end up forking out any cash on someone else’s electricity or water bills after you move.

Give the hot water system a final check and make sure nothing is leaking or making any noise, as you don’t want to leave anything running while the property is unattended

Do a final check of the property

Check every nook to guarantee nothing is left behind.

Often trinkets like rings or pendants can fall down the cracks so make sure you check for any forgotten valuables.

Switch off all the lights and check the windows, doors and any other access points are secured.

Get moving!

Now this is probably the hardest part.

Say your goodbyes, be thankful for the good memories and jump in the car.

It’s time to head to your new digs and start a new beginning.

After the move

So you have recreated your dream floor plan and emptied that couple of hundred packing boxes that were left laying around.

What do you do now?

Before you start making memories, there are a few simple things left to check off your moving house checklist.

Consider changing your locks

When you are renting, you just trust that when you are moving house, the previous tenants will hand back the keys.

However when you buy your first home, it may be a good idea for peace of mind that you consider changing the locks and starting fresh.

Unless it is a new build, chances are there were previous owners, so a change of locks will guarantee that no-one else owns a key to any of the access points on the property.

Look at the home security

It may be a new area or unfamiliar territory so to keep your family feeling safe and secure, you can look into the types of security you may like to install.

It may be as simple as screens on the doors or as complex as a facial recognition system, whichever the case, do your research and get some quotes as to the types of security you would like.

If that high tech upgrade tickles your fancy, a small personal loan could assist in securing that keyless door lock that James Bond fanatics dream of.

Get a lay of the land

Once you have settled in, whether you celebrate with friends and family or open a bottle of champagne, take the time to enjoy your surroundings.

Take an afternoon stroll around the neighbourhood to get a feel for your new environment or perhaps even take a ride around the local park to experience the atmosphere.

Not feeling so adventurous?

Head to the backyard and pull up a spot on that new day bed to enjoy the sounds of the suburbs. Hopefully you may have some native flora or fauna to admire whilst you put your feet up.

Say hi to the neighbours

When you are feeling quite at home, take a moment to introduce yourself to the neighbours.

It’s always nice to know who lives nearby and to be greeted with a friendly wave on a Saturday morning (hopefully not too early though) when you’re out mowing the lawns.


It’s time to pack away that moving house checklist (hopefully for a long time) and start your new adventure.

Now that you are settled in, if you find yourself needing to upgrade furniture or appliances, a Nimble Anytime Virtual Mastercard can see you setting your new thermomix and never having to cook again!

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