Juggling your finances and setting enough aside for unexpected events can always be a bit tricky.

We all have responsibilities like rent, bills and food but life can’t be all work and no play either – we need to invest in ourselves sometimes and enjoy the fruits of our labour, because life’s too short to not enjoy the journey and have some fun along the way!

To help you find some balance, with some extra cash to enjoy those important moments, we’ve pulled together this list of simple ways to earn cash online in your spare time. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications, just a computer, or mobile device and an internet connection, with a bit of time to burn.

So, let’s get started…

1. Your Opinion Counts

Surveys are a great way to make extra cash online.

Loads of companies are willing to pay good money for your opinion. It helps them make better, well-informed decisions, so it’s a win-win all round.

Here’s how it works…

Market research has been around for a long time but when businesses can hear direct from their audience online it makes the process much quicker and saves on costs.

Companies can reach so many more people within their audience online and all they have to do is provide an incentive to get them participating.

That’s where you come in.

The websites below awards you points for every survey you complete and points can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, including the option to cash out via Paypal – you gotta love the sound of that!

Here’s a few websites you can check out now to register:

2. Watch, Watch, Watch, Watch, Watch..

Who doesn’t love chilling out and watching videos?

Instead of spending heaps of aimless time down that rabbit hole otherwise known as  ‘Recommended For You’ on YouTube or Netflix how about if you could get paid for your time and make some cash on the side?.

Here’s how it works..

There are websites out there that pay you to watch the display advertisements on their videos with a small percentage kick-back from that revenue in return.

This means you can’t make money watching just any online video but the websites below offer heaps of topics and categories to choose from.

Check out these websites to find out more:

3. Every search you make

Everytime you look for stuff online, you use a search engine.

The older generation use Bing, as it’s the default setting for Microsoft and standard on most computers, tech-heads who want to protect their search history use DuckDuckGo and just about everyone else uses Google.

If you don’t really care which search engine you use, you’ll be happy to know there are websites out there prepared to pay you for every search you make.

Here’s how it works..

Search engines make their money through paid ads which appear right on top of the page, above the regular results, when you search for any product or service.

There are websites out there who encourage you to use their search engines by giving a kick back on every search you make. You don’t even have to click on the ad and there’s no need to change your browsing habits at all – just search and earn.

Checkout these websites to learn more:

4. Boring Jobs = More $$$

Something that isn’t usually heaps of fun, but can be rewarding for the right person, is  completing repetitive and boring jobs.

If you’re not fussed about repetition and getting into the mind-numbing zone, just for a change, there’s a bunch of websites prepared to reward you with cash for what they call microtasking.

Here’s how it works..

Microtasking websites take large time-consuming projects from companies and break them down into small and very simple tasks. They then share the load with heaps of people wanting to assist online, with the aim of getting the job done faster.

Common examples include tagging photos with categories, organising data or finding contact information for lists of people. All tasks posted can be done in less than a couple of minutes and take no special skills to complete.

Doing a handful of tasks on your computer or smart phone whenever you have some spare time can easily earn you a few extra dollars. So between waiting in line for lunch and taking the train home, you can put aside a nice little stash of extra cash for some weekend fun!

Websites to check out:

5. Cash in Your Comments!

Imagine you run a forum for exchanging ideas or views on a particular product, service or area of interest.

You spend months getting the website designed and built, you’re all excited to launch your online community. Then the day comes around and…

… no one turns up to share anything of value.

This is where there is money to be made assisting websites that rely on user activity posting on their sites.

Here’s how it works..

Real user activity plays an important role in the online world. This has created a need where websites have popped up that sell ‘user activity’ as a service. To be able to sell ‘user activity’ these websites need a continuous stream of ‘users’.

You can easily apply to become one of these ‘users’ through a process that tests your language and communication skills. If you can write in fluent English with decent grammar and punctuation, you’re generally good to join.

Once accepted, you’ll receive notifications from websites needing comments, posts and even reviews, and you’ll get paid for each one you contribute to.

Check these websites out to find out more:

6. Pedantic People Get Paid!

Are you a bit of a perfectionist or do you simply like to find ways of improving systems and processes, and providing helpful feedback if something doesn’t work as well as it could?

Even if you’re just happy to share your thoughts on how easy a website is to navigate, that’s really all you need to start making a bit of cash-on-the-side online as a website tester.

Here’s how it works..

There are heaps of smart businesses who want feedback on everything and anything that can be improved on their website. The best way for them to get this feedback is to observe and learn from everyday users when visiting and using the site for the first time.

The fancy name for this is user-experience testing.

Most websites offering paid user-experience testing pay quite well (compared to the other tasks on this list). However, keep in mind, it may be a little harder to qualify and be accepted to participate.

Don’t let this scare you off though. ‘User-testing’ might sound like something you need technical skills for, but the whole point is that businesses want to find out if their website layout makes sense to everyone, not just the tech-savvy.

Here’s some websites you can checkout to learn more:

If you’ve come across any other great ways to make a bit of extra cash on the side and would like to share with the Nimble online community, we’d love to hear from you!  Drop us a quick note in our comments section below.


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