How To Make A Daunting House Move As Easy As Possible

December 16th, 2019


We all know the dread that comes with moving house. Packing up your life, culling all your junk, trying to stay organised, all while holding on to your sanity – it’s tricky business! If you’re moving house, you know how the hidden costs of putting your life into boxes can add up. Here are some simple ways you can stay efficient, save a few pennies, and turn moving into a breeze. 

1. Purge Your Stuff

Leave you extra baggage behind! Moving is the perfect excuse to purge yourself of belongings you don’t need, want, or use anymore. Throwing a garage sale is a good way to make a little pocket money from junk you don’t want to lug with you to your new pad. Old clothing, books, or even furniture that you’re not vibing anymore can be sold on Gumtree and other online marketplaces. Look, you probably won’t make a small fortune, but you’ll be making your move lighter – and you know what they say, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. 

2. Be Thrifty With Your Packing Material

Don’t waste money on boxes when you can search the free section of Gumtree and not pay a cent! Alternatively, call up some of the bigger supermarkets and see if they have any cardboard they can spare for your moving venture. Save some further coin by utilising soft blankets, towels, clothing, or even old newspapers instead of splurging on excess bubble wrap. Don’t waste money on fancy materials to keep your goods safe, when using your clothing is smart packing! You’re going to have to move it anyway, why not use it to keep your finest china safe at the same time? 

3. Label everything

Label, label, label! Labelling will be your best friend when you’re standing in the cardboard jungle of your new place – trust us. Label on the sides of the boxes (not the top!) for easy viewing. This will save your sanity more than money, but you’ll be thanking yourself when you’re standing in an endless void of cardboard searching for a kettle after a long day of lugging boxes. On that note, it’s a wise idea to pack a bag with your essentials. If unpacking doesn’t happen until a few days (or, uh, weeks…) later, at least you’ll have your toothbrush, charger, and clothes handy without having to search around. 

4. Mates Rates

If you have a friend with a van, truck, ute (or, spacious backseat), book them in early! Moving house is the true test of friendship, so bust out that little black book, call up your mates, and save on expensive removalists. If none of your friends has a vehicle big enough, hiring a truck and using your pals as muscle power can save you from spending on professional removalists. Just have a bunch of cold drinks and warm pizza handy – oh, and be the first to put your hand up to return the favour when any of your mates (inevitably) move. 


If you don’t quite trust your mates with any of your valuable belongings and would rather put your goods in the hands of a professional, a Nimble Payday Loan can help you hire some serious muscles(and big enough trucks) to get you settled into your brand-spanking-new home! A Nimble Cash Loan can help you pay for a professional cleaner so you can leave your old place in tip-top condition, or if you want to spruce up your new home before you arrive. 

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