How To Know It’s Time To Move Out Of That Share House

February 19th, 2020


Share houses are pretty much a right of passage for any young Aussie. While they can be a lot of fun, economical, and a character-developing chapter in your life, let’s face it, they can also be utter chaos. Here are the top ways you know you’ve outgrown your share house, and you’re ready to spread your wings into a solo nest.  

1. Sharing your space is getting old

There’s nothing worse than when you have a craving for nachos on an idle Wednesday (because you’re an adult who makes responsible life choices) and your kitchen is occupied by your aspiring Masterchef housemate. If your housemate is always in the kitchen creating 3-course meals, or leaving their dirty pots and pans *soaking* for days, it might be time to get your own pad. Sharing a kitchen and a bathroom can be exhausting, and even the most considerate housemates can still be a pain. Having your own space to shower (or, cook up a Mexican feast) whenever you damn please is one of life’s simplest pleasures. 

2. You want uninterrupted recharge time

Having time to yourself to recharge is important. Living in a share house often means more social interaction than you want, or need. Making small talk with your housemate about their boring 9-5 while you’re trying to unwind watching The Bachelor can be exhausting! Having a place to yourself gives you ample room, and space to unwind, relax, hibernate, and not speak to a single soul (besides your Uber Eats driver). 

3. You want total control over the Feng-Shui 

It’s hard to revamp your living space if you’re living with other people, let alone other people who don’t share your artistic vision. If you want to put up a big old tapestry in your living room and cover your couch with fluffy pink cushions, and your male housemates are not vibing it, it could be time to get your own space. Making a share house feel like your own home can be mighty hard, and if you’re craving a place that feels more ‘you’, moving out solo will allow your inner-interior-designer to flourish!

4. You’re savvy with your money

If you’re responsible with your money, always pay your bills on time, and can stick to a weekly budget (without resorting to a steady diet of Two-Minute-Noodles) you’re probably responsible enough to live alone and ditch the roomies. 


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