How To Have A Baller Night Out On A Budget

November 14th, 2019


We all know the silly season can be an expensive time of year as it is, let alone all your mates coming out of the woodwork asking if you’re free for a big Friday night. Heading out for a night of celebrations doesn’t have to leave you with some serious financial regret that next day. Here are some ways you can let your hair down, living your best life, without nervously checking your bank account in the morning. 

1. Hit the club early

Avoid those painful entrance fees by hitting the clubs early. Okay, so the dance floor might not be as pumping, but getting to a club early can seriously save your wallet. Bigger clubs tend to hike up the entrance fee after 11 pm, and along with saving some moolah, getting there early will help you avoid a long wait in a never-ending line. 

2. Share your ride fee

Rally the troops and split the taxi or Uber fee. Better yet, catch the bus, train or tram, saving a pretty penny. Plus we all know it’s the journey, not the destination, that makes for a good story. 

3. Don’t just get down on a Friday

Avoiding peak party times can see you scoring some pretty sweet deals. Plenty of pubs and clubs do student nights with discounts on drinks, food deals, and even fun extras like trivia or themed nights. We all know students know how to party, so the energy is sure to be electric, even on a weeknight!

4. Leave your plastics at home

As the party progresses, you might be overwhelmed with that feeling of generosity that a night out with friends can bring. Avoid the regret of buying all your friends (or, random new friends you’ve picked up along the way) rounds of drinks by just leaving your plastic at home. Make a budget for yourself, and bring cash instead (much easier to keep track of your spendings than a tap-and-go!) leaving anything that can get you in trouble at home. 

5. Have some carbs for when you get home

If you can’t resist the temptation of a sneaky Uber Eats when you get home from a long night out (hello, pizza with extra cheese and a side of garlic bread) avoid the pricey delivery fees by having some carbs waiting patiently for you upon return. Frozen pizza from Woolies or Coles are much cheaper, and after a long night of celebrating, will you really know the difference? 

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