If you’ve finished renovating, or you’re just wanting to give your current lived-in home a bit of a spruce-up, decorating can be seriously fun! It allows you to indulge your creative side, and making the place you live look more beautiful and welcoming can be very relaxing.

However, it can be easy to go overboard when it comes to decorating. Between the paint, furniture and extra knick knacks, it really can all add up! That’s why it’s so important to set a budget before you start a home decorating project (and try your best to stick to it).

Saving tips for home decoration

In the months leading up to starting your home decoration project, you might want to develop a savings plan to make sure that you’ve got enough funds to complete your project properly. You can do this by allocating a certain portion of your home maintenance budget into a dedicated ‘decorating fund’. You’ll want to alter the percentage that goes in depending on how quickly you’d like to decorate, and how much you want to spend overall.

When you start decorating, there are many things you can do to ensure you don’t go overboard and break the bank.

Go DIY where you can

Transforming a beautiful piece of furniture from old to new can be a great experience, whether you have lots of decorating expertise or you’re a complete beginner. Sometimes, all a piece will need is a fresh lick of paint and a shiny new handle to make it look brand new (or shabby chic, if that’s what you’re going for). Why not try visiting your local antique store or charity shop to scout around for bargains?

Ask your family or friends for donations

Everyone has that one piece of furniture in their house that they don’t really want, but they also don’t really know how to get rid of it. This piece of furniture could be the one for you! Ask your family and friends if they have any tables, desks, chairs, sofas, beds or cabinets that they no longer want. You might be able to create something really special with a unique mix of pieces (not to mention it will be super easy on the wallet!)

Don’t be afraid to visit the chain retailers

There’s no shame in visiting chain decor retailers like IKEA or Kmart. After all, they’re popular for a reason! Many chain retailers have huge ranges of towels, linen, plates, crockery and glasses is a massive variety of colours and styles, so you’re sure to find something to perfectly match the ‘vibe’ of your home. You can also keep an eye out for those handy mid- to end-of year sales for some serious bargains.

Decorating from scratch on a budget

If your apartment or house has nothing in it whatsoever, it can be a little scary having to start from scratch. In this situation, it’s important to know where to spend your money, so you should always prioritise the things you need before any extra decorating efforts.

In an empty apartment, you really need to focus on form over function. Think about the vibe of your home as a whole; do you want it to be loud, bold and colourful, or would you like a tranquil and calm oasis? It’s best to start with choosing larger, anchor pieces (like sofas and beds), and then work your way up from there with different textures and colours.

It’s also best to splurge on the items you really want. Do you have a lovely outdoor deck space that you like hanging out on? In that case, invest in a really high-quality outdoor lounge set. Or, if you’re more a binge-watching Netflix on the couch kind of person, get a great television set and a plush sofa.

Bring a touch of glam to your home on a budget

If you want to bring a touch of luxuriousness to your home, it’s definitely still possible on a budget.

Jazz up your lounge set with textured cushions

You may not have the cash to be able to splurge on a whole new sofa set, but investing in some great cushion covers will definitely liven up the space. For a glamorous touch, choose cushion covers in a sequin, ruffle texture or vibrant pattern fabric.

Make use of the right rugs

Choosing the right rugs (and using them in the right way) can totally overhaul a space. Rugs have so many benefits, acting as the focal point for the decorative features of a room, as well as being functional (protecting the flooring underneath and creating a sense of warmth in a space). Choose rugs with interesting and unique colours, patterns and textures for a cost-effective way to add a sense of style. You could even buy a few at a discounted rate and change them with the seasons!

Decorating your home on a budget?

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