Time to let it snow ☃️, kiss under the mistletoe 💋and snuggle up to some Christmas movies 🎄 

Christmas is coming in fast, and we all know what that means—planning the family meetup, preparing the kid’s wish lists and, most importantly, creating the extensive shopping list.  

Don’t let Santa’s sleigh skip past your house. You don’t need to worry about buying fewer gifts this year; Nimble Christmas loans have you covered. Our elves at Nimble are working overtime to ensure the Christmas spirit is shared. 

Christmas Fear 😱

Have the costs of Christmas got you down? Let’s lift your low “elf” esteem! 

No need to feel alone; half of Aussie families are anxious about the incoming Christmas shopping spree1. The rise in interest rates has put extra pressure on households. This, of course, will cause a big change in how all of us spend this holiday season. 

The NRA has determined that the average household will budget $425 this Christmas2. It will be essential to prioritise and snag the best deals to keep to this. Don’t let this figure stop you; there are other ways to help you plan a Christmas Wonderland. Christmas fear is inevitable but can be avoided with a bit of help, of course!

Christmas Guide 🎄

Keep the spirit alive by becoming savvier this holiday season. Instead of cutting out presents or extra decorations, try scouting the best deals or getting extra cash in your bank—no need to stress coming up with ideas on your own. Sit back and prepare your Spotify playlist. You’ll be belting out Michael Bublé in no time after checking out the tips the elves’ have brainstormed for you this Christmas season.  

Plan for Christmas Chaos 

Before getting into Christmas shopping, you must step back and plan. Being organised will save you time and money. It might even save you from forgetting your mum’s present again this year.

To keep on top of not only gifts, it’s also good to list out all Christmas priorities ahead of time. These should include planning for get-togethers, emergency presents, wrapping supplies and preparing for general Christmas chaos. 

 A few ideas to add to your plan are: 

  • Determine your gift recipient list
  • Collect kids wish lists early 
  • Budget for gifts 
  • Buy wrapping supplies 
  • Replace Christmas decorations
  • Check if you have enough plates & cutlery for guests 
  • Prepare the guest bedroom  
  • Budget for food 
  • Order food early 
  • Book venues for catch ups 

There is so much more you can add!  Remember that we all celebrate Christmas differently, so personalise your plan to meet your needs and traditions. If you’re stuck for ideas, look for some  online or brainstorm with friends. 

Sales are Santa’s Best Friend 

This time of year tends to get busy with school, work and social activities, but there are some big sales to keep an eye on.

Christmas shopping doesn’t need to start in December; look to snap up deals within October and November. Locking down deals early will help you knock off presents from your lists and leave you some change to spend on upping your house deco. 

Hop on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail sales. Don’t plan on paying full price; these pre-Christmas sales will help relieve the pressure of going all out  this Christmas. With the sales being adopted by more consumers this year, we know it’s the perfect time to knock out the family presents. Feeling unsure where to start? Check out some  Tips for Black Friday Shopping for some motivation in snagging deals!

If you are still feeling stuck=, here are some ideas to keep your sleigh stocked this Christmas. 

Stop Its Lay-by Time 

An option that could be suitable is hopping your items on Lay-by. 

The original payment plan that we can all remember growing up. An excellent option for buying presents but it does come with its downsides. Lay-by is less popular due to having to wait to pay fully before enjoying your purchase. A good option if you have no room to hide your presents but probably not the greatest if you change your mind. 

Feeling like a Grinch? Regift! 

If you’re feeling like jumping on Santa’s naughty list, why not rehome your gifts? 

This decision might bring you trouble but will keep you from blowing the budget. Although we would probably suggest remembering who gave you which gift to save you from experiencing any awkwardness during the Christmas season. You won’t want to give your Dad that tool set he gave you last Birthday – it probably won’t go well. 

Not liking  the guilt of regifting or receiving coal? Consider utilising sales or crafting some unique gifts. 

Odd Jobs 

If you’re after a slight boost in funds, looking for a few odd jobs may be the best option. 

Sometimes traditional jobs may not be the life for you, but keeping up with Christmas may not be viable without one. If this is you, there are other easy ways to collect the cash needed to bring the joy of Christmas to your house. If you want to make some quick cash without having a traditional job check out our blog here

Become an Elf 

If you have time and patience, look to create your homemade gifts. 

No matter your skill level, you may find a craft you can do for all your family and friends. Some great gifts3 might include

  • Candles 
  • Embroidery 
  • Knitted clothing 
  • Crocheted pieces  or 
  • Bath Bombs, just to name a few! 

Look for inspiration online to help you find your specialty. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Use a Nimble Loan for Christmas? 

Still, feeling stuck? An easy & quick solution is to just Nimble it and move on. 

If you’re interested in making your Christmas Wonderland come true but are short on cash, aNimble Loan could get you filling your stocking in no time. You can apply for Loans up to $25,000 or look at our AnyTime revolving line of credit. Apply online – it’s super simple! Our application process puts you first, allowing you to apply anywhere in Australia at any time. 

You could be filling your Christmas stocking within 60 minutes of you confirming your loan with Nimble*.  

That’s a wrap on the Nimble Elf Christmas Guide! We hope you can keep the joy of Christmas in your life without the stress of presents, decorations and activities. 

Unfortunately, we have no tips for surviving family gatherings. Maybe take a holiday to recover?

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