Bank Feed Terms of Use

Thanks for selecting automated bank feeds to help us assess your Nimble loan application. The bank feeds are enabled by our external service providers, Yodlee and illion Open Data Solutions Pty Ltd (each referred to as Bank Feed Provider). This document outlines your rights and obligations in using the automated bank feeds so Nimble can provide the credit services to you. By entering your internet banking log-in details, you agree to these terms.

How does the service work?

Through the Bank Feed Provider's secure platform, Yodlee and/or illion Open Data Solutions Pty Ltd, as our agent, will provide us access to your transaction history from the account(s) linked to each of the internet banking login information that you supply during your loan application. We are only authorised to have read-only access to your account balances, transaction details and account names so we can assess and manage your loan application now and in the future and help us tailor or develop existing or new products, services or offers, performing research and statistical analysis and selectively target promotional offers and opportunities to you in accordance with our privacy and credit reporting policy.

After you have logged in to your internet banking, the Bank Feed Provider will collect between three to six months’, from the date that you apply for a loan, of your bank transaction history from the bank account(s) under that login and provide them to Nimble. Accordingly, Nimble does not have access to, nor are we able to store your log-in details. The Bank Feed Provider will continue to collect your transaction history for a reasonable time after your application.

Once you have used bank feeds for a Nimble loan application, you may not be requested to login again on your subsequent loans. However, if your login details have changed, or you have changed the bank account where your income is paid into, you will be required by Nimble to login to use the Bank Feed Provider's service again.

The Bank Feed Provider may also use your de-identified transaction information for its process improvement, research, marketing and other related purposes.

How your personal information is collected, used and disclosed is dealt with further in our privacy and credit reporting policy, available on our website.

ePayments Code

Using your bank account electronically by internet banking is typically covered by the ePayments Code. If your bank subscribes to the ePayments Code, you have rights and obligations in respect of sharing your internet login details. As such, by using the Bank Feed Provider's service, there is a risk that your rights under the ePayments Code may be affected. Your bank may not necessarily endorse or sponsor the Bank Feed Provider, and/or you may be liable for any unauthorised access or fraudulent activity on your account, so you should check with your bank if you have any concerns about this.

By entering your log-in details, you're agreeing:

  • for us and the Bank Feed Provider(s) to access and retrieve information from your bank account(s) as your agent;

  • that the information you provide is true, accurate and complete information about yourself and your bank accounts;

  • that you will not misrepresent your identity or your account information;

  • that your use of the Bank Feed Provider's services does not involve you breaching any of your obligations in relation to your bank account(s); and

  • to the terms and conditions of the Bank Feed Provider's service ( and privacy policy (; and

  • your use of the Bank Feed Provider's services is at your risk, and other than your rights under the law, we or the Bank Feed Provider will not be responsible for any loss suffered by you as a result of you providing your log-in details to access your bank statements on our behalf.

If you have any questions about security and bank feeds, visit our website or you can also obtain further information directly from the Bank Feed Provider. If you are unable to use the Bank Feed Provider's services, please contact our call centre on 133 156. Please note that by using other bank statement methods, it will take longer to process your loan application.

This document was last updated on 20 August 2019 and is subject to change.