Can I pay off my loan early?

The good news is that you can pay out your full loan early at any time during your loan schedule.

What's even better news is that we'll never charge you fees for paying your loan off early.

This also means that if you have a Nimble Small Loan, you won't be charged the monthly fee for any future months if your loan is completely paid off.

If you have a Medium Loan, interest will stop accruing under that loan once you have paid it off in full.

You can pay your loan out early by giving us a call on 133 156 to discuss your payment options.

You can find out how much the payout figure will be by emailing us at and we'll send you a breakdown of the amount.

There's just a couple of things to remember when repaying your loan in full and early:

  • If you pay off your loan and then apply for another Nimble loan, your new loan application will be assessed individually against Nimble's lending criteria.

  • Unfortunately we can't refund you if you have paid off your loan in full and are not approved the next time around - this is because each loan is assessed individually.

  • If you are already late with your repayments, fees and charges may still apply in relation to any missed repayments.