Am I eligible for a Nimble loan?

Our fresh way of looking at the information you provide means you don't waste time filling out paperwork or going to painful face-to-face meetings.

It's totally different from how old-school lenders do things.

We start with your employment status. To be eligible for a Nimble loan, you need to be working. If you're dependent on Centrelink benefits, we will review your application to see if a Nimble loan is right for you. If you aren’t currently employed we are unable to assist you with a loan.

After that, we look at whether the rest of the information you provide indicates that you can repay. Our goal is for you to repay comfortably and have a great experience.

Because your financial situation may improve, being declined today doesn't mean we won't be able to consider an application from you in the future, although you'll still need to meet our lending criteria and suitability checks.