Before we can finalise your application, we need to assess that Nimble AnyTime is right for you. We will do this by reviewing your income and expenses from the last 90 days. We'll ask you to connect securely to your internet banking provider through our trusted partner, Illion. Ilion’s secure BankStatements technology is used by a number of big banks and online companies and is the safest and fastest way to provide this information to us. It also means you avoid wasting precious time making copies and emailing bank statements and payslips to us. Plus, it means we can make decisions much faster and save a few trees in the process. By granting us secure, read-only access to your primary bank account(s), Nimble is able to quickly and accurately categorise the transaction information from your account(s) and provide a simple summary of your income and expenses, for you to review & confirm. Don’t worry, you will be able to make edits if something doesn’t look right. Once you’re satisfied, you’ll be able to submit your application for approval in a few clicks. Nimble has been working with illion Australia to verify customer income and expenses for many years. Your bank details will be encrypted in transit and stored securely by Illion. Nimble will never see any of your confidential banking login details. Nimble uses the same security and encryption standards as most banks AND your data is securely handled in accordance with data protection laws and our privacy policy.