Nimble takes its commitment to responsible lending very seriously and in order to meet our commitments we perform a range of checks on every customer who applies for a Nimble AnyTime account. This includes detailed identity checks, credit bureau checks and a detailed of assessment of each applicant's income and expenses. Nimble has a long relationship with ilion Australia. ilion Australia is one of Australia's leading credit bureaus and they will provide us with your credit file information to help us make our decision about the suitability of Nimble AnyTime for your requirements and in light of your current circumstances. This doesn’t mean we automatically decline anyone with a mark on their credit file and we understand there may be a good reason, or your circumstances may have improved. To give yourself the best chance of approval, make sure you give us as much information as possible (and check that it's accurate) during your application. There are some circumstances whereby we will decline an application, such as if you have a poor credit history, are bankrupt or are in a debt agreement.