Will my Cash Doctors or Nimble EFTPOS card still work?

If you joined Nimble before the 10th of February 2013 you would have received a Nimble EFTPOS card or a Cash Doctors EFTPOS card.

If you still have money left on one of these cards, you'll be able to use it. However, you'll no longer be able to get your Nimble loans paid onto either one of these cards.

If you still want the convenience of money in seconds, 24/7, activate your Nimble Visa Prepaid Card. Then you'll have the choice of getting any new Nimble loans paid into your bank account or straight onto your Nimble Visa Prepaid Card. If you haven't received a Nimble Visa Prepaid Card, you can order one now.

Which is cool - because it's a very nifty upgrade on the other two cards.