Your Morning Latte Habit Adds Up

November 21st, 2019

Can’t quite quit your morning extra hot almond latte? Having that caffeine pick-me-up on a Monday can make the blues a little more bearable, but how is it really affecting your bank account? Your $5 a day coffee treat, quickly turns to a $25 a week habit, becoming $1,300 a year addiction – which is nearly as scary as all that maths! There are some simple ways you can still get your caffeine fix, all without splurging at an overpriced cafe. 

1. Make coffee at home

This is the most obvious one, but hey, it works. There are easy ways you can create your morning latte from your kitchen, plus you’ll save some serious coin in the process. Coffee machines can be dirt cheap at places like Kmart and will save you a pretty penny when you turn into your own barista. Buying some coffee syrups from Woolies or Coles can help jazz up your at-home brew if you’re addicted to coffee on the fancier and sugary side (Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino, anyone?). 

2. Keep your coffee simple

If you just don’t have the time (or, you’re not ready to break-up with your barista… just yet) keep your order simple. Black coffee is generally cheaper than a complicated soy cap, and contains more than enough caffeine to really kickstart your day, or get you over that 3 pm hump. 

3. Spill the tea

Tea is still high in caffeine, low in cost, and has a range of additional health benefits. Keep in mind, not all teas contain caffeine. Herbal teas might help you zen out when work stress is at an all-time high, but it won’t give you the same midday pick-me-up. Choose your brew wisely, and hey, don’t mock it until you try it!

4. Invest in a reusable cup

Invest in a reusable keep cup and you could potentially save a few pennies with every purchase (and a few turtles while you’re at it). As an incentive to cut down on plastic waste, some cafes will reduce the price on your cup of joe if you bring in your Keep Cup. A few coins saved a day is better than nothing, and you’ll also be making Captain Planet proud. Note – not all cafes have this initiative in place, so best to double-check with your local before you start questioning the server first thing in the morning. 

5. Give up coffee

Okay, yeah this one sounds wild, but hear us out. There are other cheap and free ways to get that jolt of energy, without the extra coin you fork out for soy milk. Going for a jog, getting some rays, drinking ample H2o, and even some superfoods (raw cacao and goji berries!) can have you feeling fresh, and ready to tackle the day. 

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