Working Sunday to bring your next innovations

April 19th, 2009

Being the best means doing what others aren’t prepared to do.

That’s why we’ve got another big innovation in the works for you.

The short history of online loans in Australia reveals that Nimble was the first to do paperless applications back in October 2006. One or two other sites have finally caught up – but most still ask you to find and fax reems of paperwork just for a little loan.

We also pay first time clients in 60 minutes and, since July 2008 we’ve had 24/7 emergency loans – paying members in just seconds, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Other sites don’t pay members for 1-2 days.

No one else comes close.

Have you ever seen or tried a lender who says you ‘may’ get paid the same day, or that you will be approved in an hour?

That just means they’ll make the transfer – the cash isn’t actually available until the next day. When we say you’ll be paid in 60 minutes, that’s how long it will take for the cash to reach your hands.

Nimble is also the only online short term lender to voluntarily join the FCDRS – the Financial Co-operative Dispute Resolution Scheme. We tell you everything up front and we take great care to only lend what people can afford. Our product is a short term solution only – like taking a taxi ride to the airport instead of the bus.

But you know what?

We still have so many areas where we want to improve for you. We’ve had feedback from clients with good ideas. We’ve listened – now we’re putting it together for you.

That’s why the product development, software development and marketing teams are working all day, nights and lots of their weekend to bring out your next big innovation.

We’re very excited about how it can improve your life, but we’re not announcing details for another few weeks.

It’s going to give a whole new meaning to instant cash relief – in fact what we’re launching is a world first.

Anyway, that’s all we can say for now. It’s top secret. But we’ll keep you posted.

The information contained in this blog is correct at the date of publication.