Why We’re Changing Our Name…

September 4th, 2012

A name is so much more than a bunch of letters, strung together. A name gives meaning and influences how we recognise something.

It creates a connection between the owner and the world at large.

A company name is no different. It’s a blueprint of who we are and what we do. And how we do it. Which is why choosing the right company name is challenging, but also rewarding.

And we’re very excited to announce that we’ve chosen a new name.

But before we reveal what it is, let’s take a moment to recap how (and why) we decided to change our company name.

In The Beginning…

…there were Greg and Sean. Two regular guys who understood that life isn’t always smooth sailing when it comes to money — even if you have a decent job.

So Cash Doctors was born.

The company was conceived on the basis of answering a simple need — relieving a temporary cash deficit. Having experienced this shortfall themselves (many, many times), Greg and Sean set out to assist others facing a similar situation.

But one thing is hard to ignore: these days (almost) everything is done electronically.

And ‘cash’ — the tangible notes and coins kind — is becoming a thing of the past.

So we’ve realised we need to make some changes.

Embracing Change

While change seems scary, we find ourselves greeting it with open arms.

Stasis is boring.

Evolution is inspiring.

Our innovative thinking is steering us in a new direction. One focused on using smart technologies to help our current (and future) members with life’s little dollar drawbacks.

We’re heading in a direction where the name “Cash Doctors” just won’t encompass all the exciting things that we’ll be rolling out in the near future.

Therefore, we’re refining our branding, broadening our horizons, and revamping our look.

Oh, and we’re changing our name.

So, what will we be called then?


Yes, Nimble, as in ‘fast, agile, dexterous, smart’, but also as in ‘the company’.

The company with super quick, award-winning customer service. And high-quality, fast-performing products.

The guys and gals that use technology smarts to keep creating and improving our offerings.

And, although, we’ll have a new name, our essence remains unchanged.

We’re still the responsible lenders giving you a hassle-free money shortage solution. We’re still the techy geeks stirring things up by taking it to the next level.

A Nimble level — where the name says it all.