Time to tech up your travel plans?

December 5th, 2016

The world isn’t going to see itself, right? If you’re ready to hop the next plane to, like, literally anywhere, you’re probably not too keen on spending hours on the details. Think searching for deals, researching destinations, finding accommodation in a part of town where you won’t get knifed and/or robbed – you know, all the stuff that kinda needs to be done before take-off.

Then, of course, there’s all the day-to-day necessities while you’re away from home. Money, language, local customs – every place is different, and nobody got time to thumb through a language handbook with a judgey waiter looking down their nose at them.

Enter: technology. From finding a bed while you’re on the go to lightning-fast translations, there’s an app to make almost every travel task faster and easier. 

Here are our faves:

Save time on getting local cash

Spotlight on: Currency App – Free, iOS & Android


Forget flicking through your guidebook to make sure you’re not being ripped off – this streamlined app gives you the conversion rate you need in an instant. Calculating over 100 world currencies with the option of 17 different languages, Currency will have you haggling confidently in no time. Take that, Patpong Night Markets!


More nifty tech:


Save time on pretending to speak the language

Spotlight on: Google Translate – Free, iOS & Android



Avoid wasting time playing charades with the locals with this popular app. This bad boy can translate between 103 languages, and 52 languages when you have no internet (which can be pretty often when you’re exploring unknown lands). You can even take a photo of text and have it translated in 29 languages.

That means no more winging it in foreign restaurants – here’s to never accidentally ordering the bull’s testicles.


More nifty tech:

  • WayGo – Freemium, iOS & Android (a good Google Translate substitute for Japanese, Chinese and Korean text)
  • Voice Translator – Free, Android (because even your exploding Galaxy Note 7 speaks better French than you do)
  • Duolingo – Free, iOS & Android (if you actually want to learn some phrases before you go, you big nerd)


Save time on booking accommodation

Spotlight on: Hotels Near Me – Free, iOS & Android



Not only does this app save you time, it also saves you up to 50% off the cost of your accommodation. Have you ever found yourself wandering aimlessly around an unfamiliar city after a big night out, unsure of where to crash for the night?

Don’t waste your time calling every hotel until you find somewhere with a room available. Just keep this app on standby to search for your nearest hotels and enjoy the discount that comes with it.


More nifty tech:

  • – Free, iOS & Android (because the $20 you save each night means more spicy noodle soup for your belly)
  • Oyster (these guys are like the private investigators of hotel reviews)
  • Hotel Tonight – Free, iOS & Android (for when Hotels Near Me comes up empty)


Save time on the actual travelling

Spotlight on: FlightAware Flight Tracker – Free, iOS & Android




You know what’s worse than having your flight delayed at the last minute? Nothing. Nothing is worse than that. Flight Tracker is a handy little gem that lets you track your flight in real-time. This means no time wasted travelling to the airport only to be met with an excruciating wait before take-off.

This also means those hours you would’ve spent reading trashy magazines in an airport can instead be enjoyed trawling boutique stores for souvenirs (or reading those trashy magazines on the beach).


More nifty tech:

  • Hopper – Free, iOS & Android (get an instant alert when the flight you want is cheaper)
  • Kayak – Free, iOS & Android (quickly find great deals on flights and car rentals)
  • iExit – Free, iOS & Android (you’ll never need to cross your fingers and hope that the next highway exit has toilets)


Save time on creating your itinerary

Spotlight on: Hitlist – Free, iOS


When you’ve got a hundred dream destinations in mind and you’re not sure which to jet off to first, this app will lead you in the right direction. Enter your favourite destinations, your interests and your ideal travel dates, and Hitlist will notify you of the best deals that match your selections.

Put the mouse down and step away from the laptop – your endless nights of researching and watching for sales are over thanks to this app that does all the hard work for you.


More nifty tech:

  • – Free, iOS & Android (because, you know, research is so 2015)
  • TripIt – Free, iOS & Android (step away from the printer and keep your entire itinerary in one place)
  • TripAdvisor – Free, iOS & Android (real-person reviews of pretty much errthang)

Tech yourself before you wreck yourself, fellow globetrotters.



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