Finding Nemo… Oops, I mean, Nimble.

September 11th, 2012

Do you know what makes a great logo?

You might be surprised at the number of things that have to be considered:
· Is it unique?
· Is it time-proof?
· Does it work well in black and white?
· Is it clever?
· Are the colours appropriate?
· Etc.

The list is long and logo creation is tricky — no matter how well you know your brand.

But we’re pumped to announce that our new logo is ready!

Just before we reveal it, however, let us tell you a bit about how (and where) we found our logo’s lively little mascot…

Calling Cuba

Perhaps you’ve heard of Facebook.

It’s the world’s largest online social network.

Of Facebook’s 800 million users, as many as 175 million people log into their profiles in one day. That’s a lot of people.

Whether you use Facebook daily or not, you’d surely be able to recognise their logo even if it was dressed in a gothic leather costume with a pink tutu.


Because it’s very memorable.

It’s simple, it’s timeless, it’s minimal, it’s relevant. It’s everything you want in a logo, really.

All that to say this: the people that created Facebook’s logo did an awesome job with our new logo too.

Last week the folks from Cuban Council were hanging out with us here in the office. They cruised through our departments, sat with the customer service guys, brainstormed with the marketing team, and immersed themselves in our culture.

All in order to work out what we’re really about. You know, at our core.

And that’s where they found Nimble — our logo’s mascot.

The Geometric Jackrabbit

Ok, ok, so we haven’t named him yet.

Some of the guys call him “Nimble”, some want to christen him “Jack”, and one person thinks “Einstein Adicus” is the most fitting name.

While he currently remains nameless, the geometric jackrabbit is the essence of Nimble as a company.

He is playful but sturdy, exuding movement, optimism, and action.

He is nimble.

He’s also transparent at his core, revealing his inner workings — we’re proud that he highlights our attitude towards openness.

Whatever we decide to call him, we’re excited that we’ve discovered him.

And the fonts beneath the rabbit? The ones that make the logo complete?

They’re big and bold, and in plain English. They emphasise who we are and what we do, straight up, without any confusion.

A Brand Is So Much More Than A Logo

Yes. A brand is so much more than a logo. But you have to start somewhere.

Now that we’ve got the little guy sorted, we’re moving onto our style and look.

We’re redesigning everything, so we’ll have a new website design and a better looking mobile site. We’re preparing a sneak peek of these for you right now.

It’s an inspiring journey we’re on and we’re glad you’re coming along for the ride.

So watch this space for more developments, coming within the next few weeks.