Cheap Craft Ideas For Kids in the Summer

November 21st, 2013

Entertaining the kids doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. It doesn’t matter if you’re budgeting for the school holidays or trying to pass a rainy afternoon, there are plenty of cheap ways to entertain the little ones!

Behold, the crafternoon!

Cheap Entertainment Ideas for Kids

crafternoon (kra:ft-er-noon)
noun: An afternoon of craft activities. Fun is most often had by all.

If you think that entertaining kids is expensive – think again. We know this because we had one today to test it out!

Here’s what we learned:

1. Crafternoons can be cheap. Really cheap. We spent around $10 and have so much stuff leftover for next time.

2. Crafternoons are fun. Don’t tell the boss, but making our peg animals gave us hours of entertainment!

3. Crafternoons aren’t just for kids. In fact, at our crafternoon, there weren’t even any kids around. Just a bunch of 20-somethings having an awesome time gluing stuff together. So it really is the ultimate family activity.

At our crafternoon we tried our hand at making some animals out of pegs. As you can see, it was a huge success and we’re excited to show you how it can be done!

If you want to give these little guys a go at home, here’s what you’ll need.

– Wooden pegs (square, round or both)
– Paint
– Paintbrushes
– PVA glue
– Small fuzzy balls
– Googly eyes
– Heaps of imagination


To make a Hungry Hungry Caterpillar:

1. Paint a square peg green. Wait for it to dry.
2. With a small blob of glue, stick a red fuzz ball to the opening end of the peg. This will be the head, obviously, because he needs to be able to open his mouth to eat stuff.
3. Glue four green fuzz balls along the rest of the peg to make the body.
4. Once they’re nice and stuck, glue a couple of small googly eyes to the red ball.
5. For an extra touch, make your caterpillar some food. Because he is hungry afterall!


To make a pig:

1. Paint a round peg pink.
2. Glue two pink fuzz balls behind the round head.
3. Paint or draw on a snout with black.
4. Glue on two small googly eyes.
5. The pig doesn’t need legs because he’s happy to lie in the mud all the time. No drama.

To make a cow:

1. Paint a round peg and two square pegs white.
2. When that dries, paint black spot on it.
3. Glue on some googly eyes.
4. Paint the nose pink and give her some nostrils.
5. Paint some black hooves on the two square pegs.
6. Clip the legs to the body.
7. 5 (2)

To make a dragonfly:

1. Paint a round peg and two paddle pop sticks your favourite colour.
2. Put a small bit of glue in the middle of each pop stick and then stick it in the slot bit of the peg to make wings.
3. Glue some googly eyes on.
4. Paint a nice pattern on the dragonfly’s back.

To make a butterfly:

1. Same deal as the dragonfly, but instead of using paddle pop sticks for wings, cut out some wings from paper and stick them on.

Since we’ve got lots of leftover pegs, if you’ve got a great idea for some peg craft, please leave a comment below! We really want to have another crafternoon! Check out our post featuring fun things to do with your kids.

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