Control yourself – ways to hold back at the Boxing Day sales

December 20th, 2015

Here’s a little truth bomb that will have you questioning everything you’ve ever believed in:

Buying things on sale is an awful way to save.


It’s crazy to think that Australians spend around $2 billion a year during the Boxing Day sales. It’s great for the economy, but is it great for your pockets?

Christmas baking

While some people claim that it’s more the experience of shopping with family and friends they enjoy, there’s no denying that waiting out the front of a store from 7 pm on Christmas Day sounds a little bit drastic.

Sure, it makes sense to compare prices and sniff out the best deal if you were already in the market for a new TV or work clothes. But bargain hunting for the sake of accumulating ‘stuff’ probably isn’t the best savings strategy.

Here’s how you can avoid being left in a house full of things (including a gigantic credit card bill) following the festive season:

1. Look, don’t be waiting in line for 12 hours just to get into a shopping centre. That’s just silly. By the time you actually get let into the centre you’ll be so tired you: a.) won’t want to try things on before purchasing, b.) you’ll come home with things you didn’t even want because they were the first things you laid your eyes on and c.) be so cranky in the half-asleep state you won’t enjoy the experience.

2. Avoid ‘buying for the future’. Yeah, there are things you’ll undoubtedly need in the future (hello toilet paper), but buying a full-length trench coat on the off chance it snows in Queensland (not to mention it was 50% off) probably isn’t the smartest move.

3. Bring along a trusted adviser (a friend or family member who has a logical sense when it comes to shopping). Entrust them with your wallet if you feel like you could go all real housewife on the sales tables. That way, you’ll have to put up a pretty good business case to swap dollars for goods. Stocksy_txp808727fdFOj000_Small_464960 (1)

4. Buy online! Buying the things you need online means that you can see how much you’re spending in one hit. Plus you have the added ability to remove things from your shopping trolley at the last minute without dumping them on the cash register. Make sure you don’t get sucked into the ‘spend over $50 to get free shipping’ thing either. Plus it’s a great way to avoid black eyes and stampedes on December 26. 

5. So you thought your list-making duties were over for the year? You thought wrong, friend! If you need a few things from the Boxing Day sales, make a list and stick to it to help reduce your spendings! Seems like a no-brainer, right?


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