Nimble turns 6 this month…

November 24th, 2011

On January 25th, 1981, I also turned 6. It was a particularly exciting day as it was also my first day of grade 1. Mum tucked my shirt into my new navy pants, put an apple in my cardboard port and walked me right up to the classroom door. The time had come to make the transition from pre-school to the big kids world of primary school.

2011 has been a similar time for Nimble.

We’ve transitioned into a stronger, more sophisticated organisation. Our team has grown in numbers and talent – and we’re finally getting recognised for it!

Placing 74th on the BRW ‘Fast 100’ list felt really good.

The highlight for me was launching the new mobile phone browser. It’s always the most fun releasing new product innovations and anything that makes things faster, easier and more convenient for our members. That’s what it’s all about, after all.

The other highlight has been moving into this big open modern office space. It’s ready for the fast growth we’re having and it’s shaping up really nicely. We’ve got new furniture, painted artwork on the walls, decorated with a bunch of pot plants – people are really starting to feel at home.

Much like I had a lot in front of me as I waddled off to grade 1 with my burgundy port – there’s still a lot in front of me as I write this.

2012 is going to be massive. More and more people are finding out about what we do and they seem to really like it. We’ll be launching a new mobile phone application in January. In the first quarter of 2012 we’re releasing something that will make applying and payment way faster for people getting their first advance from us. I’ll keep it top secret for now though. It’s got me pretty excited!

The new Nimble card will also happen in 2012, along with some rewards for members who use our product responsibly.

We’re also about to welcome a few new management recruits to Nimble in the coming months.

It’s all happening. Hopefully in a year’s time we can graduate into the high-school world – where we can make an even bigger difference.

Thanks for helping us getting to where we are today – and telling us where we need to improve and change. We’re always trying to improve our service to make it more convenient for you.

All the best for the holiday season.